winter is the perfect time for stump grinding dead tree trunk stumps

Stump Grinding

Tree Stump Grinding can be done at any time. However the optimum time for tree stump removal is in Winter. To learn more about Ezycut's stump removal process please read on.......

Tree Trunk Stump Removal

During Winter months, as a region, Canterbury, North Otago and the whole of New Zealand are at risk from Winter storms. Trees that are dying or are in declining health become a hazard and could potentially cause harm by collapsing into buildings, onto cars, livestock, or even people. They also can create power outages when they collapse onto power lines. These trees need to be felled, and afterward comes the removal of the stump. At Ezycut we have specialist machinery, to deal with stubborn tree stumps.

Stump Grinder

Our stump grinder is a powerful tool, specifically used for irradicating tree stumps. By gradually chipping away at a stump with a multi tooth cutting wheel that spins at high speeds. The Ezycut stump grinder is rapidly able to rip and strip away small pieces of wood, progressing deeper with each pass.

Stump Removals

Our team will grind down the tree stump until its nothing but sawdust. When we have ground out the stump, the site is tidied up. The woodchip from the stump makes for excellent mulch for your garden. We will rake the debris into a pile so that it is ready to be used on your garden.

Overall, removing dormant trees and stumps over Winter not only guarantees adequate nutrition for surrounding crops and vegetation, but also causes less harm to these plants as most plants are dormant over the Winter months.

When the team at Ezycut removes the tree stumps while the ground is cooler or even frozen, the extraction method is considerably more efficient. Winter removal not only protects the adjacent crops, but also the soil and grass.


Hedge cutters Canterbury

Ezycut Ltd is owner-operated and your local hedge cutter in Canterbury. Our specialised machines take the pain away from painting unruly hedges, shelterbelts, and tree stumps.

Shelterbelt trimming in Canterbury has never been easier when you hire the team at Ezycut to lock after your shelterbelt for you. Why invest time and money in purchasing machinery that will do half as good a job as hiring Ezycut with their small but mighty machines.