EZYCUT - Professional tree and hedge trimmer

Stump Grinding and Shelterbelts

Ezycut is an owner-operated family business based in South Canterbury. We specialize in Hedge trimming, tree trimming, shelterbelts, and stump grinding. We identified a need in our local area for a service provider such as ours. The big difference between our Hedge trimming business and the competition is that our machinery is new with all the improved tools, such as an onboard camera to make visualizing the cut easier, multiple purposes of our machines. Our gear has a light footprint to avoid any gouges and track marks on your property. We embrace technology and could see that not only we needed a website, but we had to get our information out there through SEO so that local people of South Canterbury were aware of this great service. Spring is the ideal season to tidy up those shelterbelts, hedges, and trees in time for a stress-free Summer

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