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Ezycut provides Hedge and tree trimming services are available throughout Canterbury and North Otago. We offer a range of services, including hedge cutting, tree pruning, and stump removal. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent service at competitive prices.Our team of qualified professionals are fully trained to the highest standards. We provide a professional service at affordable rates. Shelterbelts are a wonderful way to boost your property's seclusion and offer excellent shelter for both people and animals. They shield the soil on your property from wind and erosion, and they even keep the soil's nutrients longer. But without regular upkeep, they quickly lose their attractiveness and functionality. Generally speaking, shelterbelts need to be trimmed every one to two years. This boosts the density, keeps your shrubs and trees healthy, and makes sure your shelterbelt is functional. A professional trim from Ezycut will correct knowledge, also promote additional growth and mould the hedge into the desired shape. Just keep in mind, you must ensure that your shelterbelts are cut back uniformly and straight. Our staff can offer you advice on whether your shelterbelt will be effective. Including which species will best meet your needs, how to ensure growth and long-term strength, and when it's appropriate to remove a shelterbelt. Ezycut provides the following: • Professional Service • Competitive Rates • Qualified Professionals Benefits • Save Money • Get Peace of Mind • Get Quality Workmanship

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